COVID 19 Latest News

We continue to provide both acute and chronic care to all our patients in this difficult time. In order to do this in a safe environment, it has required some changes in our day to day practice. Our reception staff may have some additional questions at time of booking an appointment. This is to keep everyone safe and minimise the potential risk of any exposure of COVID19to either patients/staff.

We ask all our patients over the age of 13 to wear masks/face covering to all face to face appointments. It is a busy time in General Practice so our phone can be extremely busy especially in the morning time. You can also contact us to request an appointment through our website main page or We thank you for your cooperation and stay safe

02 Sep, 2020

Flu Vaccine 2020/2021

This year's Flu Vaccine will soon be in stock. With winter coming fast, it will be more important than ever to get your seasonal influenza vaccine this year. Flu season runs… Read More