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We do not have a delivery date or confirmation re vaccinating high risk groups yet. We will contact patients in this age cohort once vaccine numbers and availability known.

We thank you for your patience in this difficult time.

02 Sep, 2020

Flu Vaccine 2020/2021

This year's Flu Vaccine will soon be in stock. With winter coming fast, it will be more important than ever to get your seasonal influenza vaccine this year. Flu season runs… Read More
01 Mar, 2021

COVID vaccines – update

We are delighted to have completed the 80+ age group with both of their COVID vaccines recently. We have also completed most of the first doses of 75-79. We continue… Read More
23 Aug, 2020


We continue to provide both acute and chronic care to all our patients in this difficult time. In order to do this in a safe environment, it has required some… Read More